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Organic Pop Strings by DM Samples, is a sample pack that includes over 150 high-quality audio loops of organic, natural-sounding string instruments such as violins, cellos, and violas. The samples are specifically designed for pop music production, but can be used in a variety of genres such as folk, indie, and electronic music.


The samples in this pack are recorded with a high level of detail and expression, capturing the natural nuances of the string instruments. The loops range in length from a few seconds to several minutes, and include a variety of chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies. Some loops feature solo performances, while others include layered arrangements with multiple instruments playing together.

Overall, the Organic Pop Strings sample pack offers a diverse range of string samples that can add depth and warmth to any production. Whether you're a producer, songwriter, or composer, these samples are a valuable addition to any music production toolkit.


Product Details:


• Over 150 Loops and Samples
• Individual Stems included
• All Files 44 KHz / 24 Bit
• Key & Tempo Labelled
• Mixed and Mastered WAV Files

Organic Pop Strings



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