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"Introducing DM Samples' 'Lofi Strings Sample Pack,' a versatile sample pack designed to infuse your music with mellow and emotive vibes. Give you productions that rich, textured string instrument recordings, from violins and cellos to violas, all tinged with that classic lo-fi charm.

Our sample pack goes beyond traditional strings, adding a touch of vinyl crackle, tape warmth, and other lo-fi effects to give your music a unique, nostalgic edge. With these sounds at your fingertips, you can effortlessly create mellow, ambient tracks or layer them into your existing compositions for an instant dose of emotional depth. You also have the option of no lofi processing on the strings as well as the stems. Which has zero processing on them. Giving you the flexibility to get creative.

This is the perfect lofi strings sample pack to create a unique, retro sound for creating chill, ambient, or lo-fi music.

Product Details


• Over 150 Loops and Samples
• Individual Stems included
• All Files 44 KHz / 24 Bit
• Key & Tempo Labelled
• Mixed and Mastered WAV Files

Lofi Strings



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